Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Soul Searching Question of the Week - Soul vs. Ego?

Just blogged my regular Soul Searching Question of the Week in my Life Coaching for Photographers series.  It's about the hunger of your soul vs. that of your ego.  Check it out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Question of the Week - Where Does Your Power Come From?

Just blogged about helping photographers discover when they're at their most powerful.  Learn how to feel that way more of the time.  Check out my Life Coaching for Photographers blog for more.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stacey and Doug's Cape Cod Wedding Featured on Boston's Beantown Bride

My friend and fellow photographer, Brittany Blando, recently launched a locally-resourced wedding blog for Boston area couples called Beantown Bride. I heard that Martha Stewart Weddings favorably twittered about it the other day, so I was especially flattered when Brittany asked to feature my photography of Stacey and Doug’s Ridge Club wedding and reception. Check out this Cape Cod wedding celebration on Beantown Bride!

Beantown Bride real wedding feature by photographer Carol Lundeen

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Question of the Week

Be conscious next time you pick up your camera. What's important to you about the work you're about to create?

See a more developed stream of questions at:
Life Coaching for Photographers Blog

So Long to Winter Photography at our Roslindale Home

I've always loved the way snow make things look, and I've been photographing winter for a long, long time. I've learned that I never have to go far to find things that delight my eyes, especially in winter. This winter is especially poignant, because it'll be the last winter in our Roslindale home. I'll always savor how winter looks in our own back yard. Here are some of my favorite aspects of our yard in winter.
Winter-photography-Boston 9521
The Adirondack chairs look cool in the shade with a winter blanket.
Winter-photography-Boston 9528
Love the colors, textures, and patterns of these details of our sunny side garden.

Winter-photography-Boston 9514
Our yard and garden smile all year long, thanks to our potter friend, Carolyn.

Winter-photography-Boston 9508
Here's our colorful backyard. I'll sure miss the big old Norway maple that is now casting shadows on the house, and all the ferns and hostas that thrive at its feet.