Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pet Portraits at Roslindale's Pet Cabaret Nov 14 and 21

Join me at the Pet Cabaret in Roslindale on November 14th and 21st for the holiday pet photography event.   I'll be there with Lisa and Lisa and the crew to create a portrait of your pet with your choice of props, like a Charlie Brown-ish Christmas tree and a slippery sled, or we can simply use a white backdrop.  Space is very limited.  The 14th is already full, and there may still be some afternoon spots available on the 21st.  Call the Pet Cabaret (617) 323-7387 for availability.  Here's one of my favorite shots from last year.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sarah and Alex's Pine Brook Country Club Wedding

Sarah and Alex had just the right mix of old and new traditions at their Pine Brook Country Club wedding in August. Surrounded by family and friends from near and far, the high-spirited, heart-felt event was a joy to photograph. Here are some of my faves, along with a link to to slideshow of more:

View the Abramovitz/Niederman wedding slideshow

Abramovitz Neiderman wedding reception Pine Brook Country Club

Abramovitz_Neiderman_wedding_Pine_Brook Country clubm

Abramovitz Neiderman Pine Brook_Country Club wedding

Abramovitz_Neiderman_wedding_flowers by Carol Silverston 5

Hora Dance at Pine_Brook_Country Club.6

Abramovitz Neiderman wedding toasts Pine Brook 2


And a big shout out to Mark Willems of the Pine Brook Country Club and Carol Silverston for the florals and event coordination.

View the Abramovitz/Niederman wedding slideshow

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boston PUG TONIGHT! (Pictage Users Group) Tuesday, September 14th

Are you and your business in distress? Discover a long term creative strategy, not a band-aid, to leverage your uniqueness into success.
I'm leading this hands-on workshop tonight for the Boston PUG. All professional photographers are invited:

Find out more at the Boston PUG blog

Where: Lens Pro To Go Studio, 152 Commonwealth Ave, Unit M-1, Concord, MA 01742
Google Map:
Time: 7 p.m.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Angela Salvucci and Geof Gustavsen Wedding at Cohasset's Red Lion Inn

Angela and Geof celebrated their wedding at the elegant, casual barn at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, MA, a perfect match for their style as a couple.  In addition to each other, the couple also loves Cohasset's reverence for history and its seaside location.  They also had the good luck of getting a lovely summer day.  Here are a couple of my faves, and a link to a slideshow of more of the best photography of the day:

View Angela and Geof's slideshow




Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July in Easton

That's Bernard, Eric, and Bobby expertly fitting "Barn Red" siding to our green-clad house this week.  As a visual gal I've never cared for vinyl siding, but this stuff looks fantastic close-up and from the street, what with being cast with the texture of real cedar shakes—and it NEVER needs painting—whew!

Our contractor, Fred Peacott of Peacott Carpentry, is doing a splendid job bringing designer Dave Packert's work to life.  And a proud plug for plumber Josh Weigel and electrician Bill Schneider, saw mill pro Peter of Shaker Mills for our locally grown flooring, Anderson Fireplace (and Insulation), excavator Tom Driscoll, mason Paul Jewett, plasterer Tom Mannion, the awesome roofer and crane operators who worked so fast I didn't catch their names—but I'll happily look them up them for you—realtor Marlene Wise, the many folks at Easton town hall, and especially our new neighbors, many of whom are spending this hot summer with open windows next door to all this colorful chaos.  Please accept my apologies—and let me know for goodness sake—if I've forgotten to give you a mention.

Thanks to everyone who's poured their blood, sweat, and tears into our home.  Keep up the good work, because we want to actually live here soon!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carolyn and Chris' Wedding and Reception at the Wequassett Inn, Cape Cod

Which are your favorite memories of Carolyn and Chris' Wequassett Inn wedding? Here are just a few of mine, and below, a link to a slideshow of some of the best photography of the day.

Carolyn Schumacher Chris Donnelly wedding portrait, Wequassett Inn, Cape Cod

Carolyn Schumacher before her Wequassett Inn wedding, Cape Cod

Carolyn Schumacher receives  wedding kisses and good wishes, Wequassett Inn, Cape Cod

Carolyn and Chris, just before their first kiss as husband and wife

Carolyn and Chris at their Wequassett Inn Wedding, Cape Cod

Wequassett Inn wedding banquet room

Carolyn and Chris' Wequassett Inn wedding went off with only the best kind of hitch when they said their vows in front of family and friends on June 26th. With a long history of trips to the Cape as kids, this was a natural venue for the couple, with views of Pleasant Bay and the salty scent of Cape Cod.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Laura and Kevin's Cape Cod Wedding and Reception at the Lighthouse Inn, Dennis

Laura Shannon wedding day portrait at her family home in Harwich, Cape Cod

Laura Shannon comes down the stairs, ready for her wedding, Cape Cod

Laura Shannon and Kevin Bardon are hitched on Cape Cod

Kevin Bardon carries Laura Shannon down the jetty at the Lighthouse Inn, Cape Cod

Kevin Bardon and Laura Shannon wedding day portrait at the Lighthouse Inn, Cape Cod

Laura Shannon and Kevin Bardon got the perfect Cape Cod day for their wedding and reception at the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis. The way they look at each other, and the way they glow together, lit up the whole Cape. Here are a couple of my favorites - a link to a slideshow of more:

View Laura and Kevin's wedding slide show

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Moving Experience

Just a quick post as I'm moving to Western Avenue in North Easton, MA on Tuesday after 14 years in Roslindale.  The only thing missing from my new address is "south."

Packing has been such a joyful, curious adventure, always finding an opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve me, and finding so much love in so many of the photographs I've created over the years, both personal and professional. 

Back to packing!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Question of the Week - How to Be the Creative Force in Your Own Life

Neurologists know that our assumptions automatically and instantly control our thoughts, feelings, and physical actions, without us being able to stop them.  If the definition of insanity is that we keep doing the same thing the same way over and over again while expecting different results, then it stands to reason that if we continually operate with the same assumptions that we'll get the same results, and if we expect different results, well, that's insane, too.

As photographers, we need to adopt different assumptions to create different results.  While taking risks and making changes may seem too bold, not taking risks and making changes is also a big risk in these challenging times. 

Read more on my life coaching for photographers blog

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Lost Arts of Photography - Clay Blackmore Delights the Professional Photographers of Massachusetts

Photographer Clay Blackmore at Professional Photographers of MA 4.4.10-9654
Remember those huge dumps of snow they got in D.C. this winter?  Well, Clay Blackmore, one of the world's most well-known, down to earth and passionate photographers, tromped through it sock-footed and on his belly and butt to get the images he felt compelled to create for his wedding client in these physically challenging but visually rich conditions.

Clay came to Boston yesterday to present his program "How to Photograph Everyone" for the  Professional Photographers of Massachusetts (PPAM) April seminar.  Clay has studied posing and lighting for decades and has reached a level of mastery that most of us only dream of.  What he demonstrated were what I consider to be the lost arts of posing and lighting.  With so many wedding photographers out there who can make mediocre to excellent candid shots on the weekend, it was wonderful to see such a strong showing by PPAM members who committed the day to learning more about these classic photography arts.  Moving a light by a nose makes an enormous difference in the quality of a portrait. 

And the Winner Is...
Everyone who attended yesterday was a winner, including me, who won a raffle to attend Clay's 4-day Spring Seminar later this month.  Earlier, during lunch, I mentioned life coaching for photographers and Clay invited me to introduce myself as a coach at the workshop and perhaps contribute a splash of coaching to the group.  Can't wait for the joy and discovery of it all!  Who wants to go with me?  There are still a few spots left.

Clay Blackmore is a Canon Explorer of Light and a member of the elite Cameracraftsmen group.  His love for photography is evident in every image he creates, and I've attended one of  lectures international audiences

Friday, April 2, 2010


Boston photographer Carol Lundeen spring landscape detail

I've been sitting outside, the sun warming up my back.  In front of me, daffs and forsythia.  You can already see the miniature spires of lilac flower buds.  All this visual richness makes me want to be...a photographer! 

What are you seeing that thrills you these days?

Life Coaching for Photographers - Soul Searching Question of the Week - Your Bank Account

Check out the latest soul searching Question of the Week in my Life Coaching for Photographers series.  it's a follow up to last week's question, seeking to find the meeting of the place that feeds your soul, your ego, AND your bank account.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Soul Searching Question of the Week - Soul vs. Ego?

Just blogged my regular Soul Searching Question of the Week in my Life Coaching for Photographers series.  It's about the hunger of your soul vs. that of your ego.  Check it out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Question of the Week - Where Does Your Power Come From?

Just blogged about helping photographers discover when they're at their most powerful.  Learn how to feel that way more of the time.  Check out my Life Coaching for Photographers blog for more.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stacey and Doug's Cape Cod Wedding Featured on Boston's Beantown Bride

My friend and fellow photographer, Brittany Blando, recently launched a locally-resourced wedding blog for Boston area couples called Beantown Bride. I heard that Martha Stewart Weddings favorably twittered about it the other day, so I was especially flattered when Brittany asked to feature my photography of Stacey and Doug’s Ridge Club wedding and reception. Check out this Cape Cod wedding celebration on Beantown Bride!

Beantown Bride real wedding feature by photographer Carol Lundeen

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - Question of the Week

Be conscious next time you pick up your camera. What's important to you about the work you're about to create?

See a more developed stream of questions at:
Life Coaching for Photographers Blog

So Long to Winter Photography at our Roslindale Home

I've always loved the way snow make things look, and I've been photographing winter for a long, long time. I've learned that I never have to go far to find things that delight my eyes, especially in winter. This winter is especially poignant, because it'll be the last winter in our Roslindale home. I'll always savor how winter looks in our own back yard. Here are some of my favorite aspects of our yard in winter.
Winter-photography-Boston 9521
The Adirondack chairs look cool in the shade with a winter blanket.
Winter-photography-Boston 9528
Love the colors, textures, and patterns of these details of our sunny side garden.

Winter-photography-Boston 9514
Our yard and garden smile all year long, thanks to our potter friend, Carolyn.

Winter-photography-Boston 9508
Here's our colorful backyard. I'll sure miss the big old Norway maple that is now casting shadows on the house, and all the ferns and hostas that thrive at its feet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chatham Bars Inn Wedding Inspiration Board

Looking for ways to decorate your Chatham Bars Inn wedding in the blue and ivory colors of Cape Cod? Here are a few ideas:
Chatham Bars Inn wedding photos Cape Cod MA

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Makes Boston Party Machine Rock? Answers from Band Leader Rob Caplin

What makes Boston Party Machine rock?  I asked band leader Rob Caplin, and here's what I found out:
Q.   Tell us a little about Boston Party Machine:
Boston Party Machine is a high end entertainment band made up of players from the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra and Berklee School of Music.  My model for the band is the Boston Pops – that is, top notch musicians who can play everything.  Combine this with our passion for fun, and you have a winning combination with awesome entertainment for your event!

Q.    What sets you apart from other bands?
What sets Boston Party Machine apart from other bands is that we truly care about every event that we play.  We never “go through the motions.”  We love music and it shows.

In addition, like a great puzzle, we strive to put all the pieces together in just the right way.  We are all about the total picture - whether it’s really listening to your wishes, getting the little details of a song perfectly, or knowing the ideal song to play at any given moment.

Q.    What three things should people ask when hiring a band?

1.    Music selection:  Does the band have a detailed process for finding out what music the client wants, including special requests?
2.    Performance:  Can you see the band perform anywhere?  It’s important to see how a band entertains…not just how they play.
3.    References:  Do past clients rave about the band? Not only musically; are they also easy to work with?

Q.    How can people reach you?
Email is the best way to contact us:  You can also call my cell at 617.233.9393, or the office at 781.643.2560.  We’re eager to hear from you and learn more about your event!

Rob's portrait was created by his father-in-law, by the way, fine art photographer Michael Philip Manheim.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - What Can It Do For You?

As a photographer, have you ever wondered how having a life coach might benefit your work and home life?

Do you find yourself knowing what your want, but stop yourself from getting it?  Are you too afraid to say to yourself, never mind out loud, what you really, really want?   Then maybe life coaching is for you.  Having a life coach is like have a personal trainer for your life.

I got into coaching because my wife is a coach.  In fact, she's on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship.  As her spouse, I've taken advantage of the opportunity to take the fundamental training from both coaching schools.  It's had an enormous positive impact on my home and work life, and I can personally and whole-heartedly recommend having a coach.  Don't worry, my wife is not my coach.  I got my own.  You might benefit from having one, as well.

Here's a coaching question for you - the first of what I hope will become a weekly feature of this blog:
If money was not a concern, how would you most like to spend your time and energy?

Call me at (617) 327-9254 to schedule a free, no obligation 60-minute sample session.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Josie's Family Jewels - Portrait of Four Boston Generations

Josie Family portrait 2 by Boston photographer Carol Lundeen

Josie Family portrait by Carol Lundeen
With her daughter and daughter's daughter visiting from afar, Josie's wish of a portrait of the three generations together came true.  We tried a variety of locations and angles in what Josie described as her humble home, but her "girl" had grown up here, and this was her home, too, and despite a little clutter from the holidays the home was full of signs of love in every corner and on every wall.  Framed portraits of past generations on the mantle, the bedroom dressers bedecked with b&w snapshots of the not so far past.  It was my pleasure to add to the family collection for generations to come. And by the way, the gems the ladies are wearing represent the 4th generation in this shot, as they are Josie's mom's rings. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Russian Winter" Author, Daphne Kalotay

The phone rang the other day, and it was Daphne Kalotay, asking me to create a new portrait for her upcoming novel, "Russian Winter." She was quite sporty when I suggested we venture out into the snow of Larz Anderson Park the following morning. After all, the title of the novel contains the word "winter," and it was quite white and wintry outside. She wanted something different from the portrait she used for her previously celebrated book of stories, so off we went.

My first impression of Daphne was that this is not your average New Jersey girl who transplanted herself to metro Boston. This unpretentious PhD in Modern and Contemporary Literature is refreshingly at ease with herself - and winter. She showed up at the park with her fully present, smart, and funny self. We walked and talked our way around the park, stopping at various beauty spots for differing portraits. She seems to glow from the inside out every moment, and I can't wait to read 'Russian Winter" when it's hot off the press.
Find out more about Daphne Kalotay.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips for greener photography

Wondering about the impact of photography on the environment? Read this.
Tips for greener photography

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What My New Year's Resolutions Lack?

Got resolutions (even if you've not written them down)? Me too. Waking up today, January Second, I feel completely full of inspiration. Where in the world did that come from?

My resolutions for myself and my photography business felt very complete when I wrote them the other night, right here at my kitchen table, with the cats curled up at my feet. I want to accomplish many things this year. I realize my resolutions are big picture punch lists that sketch out the year ahead. I didn't know that what was lacking in them was INSPIRATION. And inspiration is what I woke up full of today. What a gift! And where did it come from? I must find out because I want a steady diet of it this year.

The source was "Julie and Julia." I watched it at last last night with a cozy blanket, niece, and wife sandwiched together with milk and cookies on the couch. The stories were every day stuff in a way, adults seeking to make a life and a living, yet loving and funny and real. I realize that these aspects resonate with my values, and when I take the time to put my values together with other fresh ingredients into the cooking pot that is every day, the results aren't always delicious but they always inspire me, whether I follow the recipe or not.

An old friend gave me a magnet for my refrigerator that says, "She didn't always follow the recipe." That still rings true after all these years.

Bon apetit!