Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July in Easton

That's Bernard, Eric, and Bobby expertly fitting "Barn Red" siding to our green-clad house this week.  As a visual gal I've never cared for vinyl siding, but this stuff looks fantastic close-up and from the street, what with being cast with the texture of real cedar shakes—and it NEVER needs painting—whew!

Our contractor, Fred Peacott of Peacott Carpentry, is doing a splendid job bringing designer Dave Packert's work to life.  And a proud plug for plumber Josh Weigel and electrician Bill Schneider, saw mill pro Peter of Shaker Mills for our locally grown flooring, Anderson Fireplace (and Insulation), excavator Tom Driscoll, mason Paul Jewett, plasterer Tom Mannion, the awesome roofer and crane operators who worked so fast I didn't catch their names—but I'll happily look them up them for you—realtor Marlene Wise, the many folks at Easton town hall, and especially our new neighbors, many of whom are spending this hot summer with open windows next door to all this colorful chaos.  Please accept my apologies—and let me know for goodness sake—if I've forgotten to give you a mention.

Thanks to everyone who's poured their blood, sweat, and tears into our home.  Keep up the good work, because we want to actually live here soon!

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