Monday, June 22, 2009

Finding the joy in rain

Aren't you sick of this weather? I was feeling that way yesterday, until my wife and I set out for a late afternoon walk despite the heavy weather. We agreed that if we didn't get outside for at least a few minutes that the day wouldn't quite feel complete. So off we went, right out our front door into the hills and dales of our neighborhood, as we so often do when we need a fix of light and air and exercise and catching up. What happened was remarkable.

While we've been walking in this neighborhood for 15 years or so, we suddenly realized that on this day, this walk, we had let the direction of our steps be taken over by the curiosity of going a route we've never taken before. Each step seemed to be towards something new, away from something old. At the same time, we found in our conversation a new path along the route of an old question. It was so very satisfying to be on an altogether new path in familiar territory, and especially so to realize the connection between the new route and the new conversation.

What would it take for you to get out and get your feet wet on a different path today?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real Wedding Reception Details and Inspiration Board Photos - Hamilton Hall, Salem, MA

Green, White, and Black Real Wedding Details Inspiration Board Photos of Hamilton Hall
For many brides, and many wedding photographers, the colors and themes and details of the day can make the setting sing. Here's a photo inspiration board of some of the details of Lacie and Michael's Hamilton Hall wedding. And don't worry, if you're Lacie and Michael, or their family or friend, I didn't create this post before posting all of the images online for your viewing. All of the wedding images are edited and uploaded to the online proofing site, and now we're waiting for the online proofing site to finish preparing the images for release.

View more images of Lacie and Michael's wedding

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kate Casale and Andrew MacNally's Chatham Bars Inn Wedding on Old Cape Cod

Kate and Andrew jumped, pumped, and kissed their way into wedding history on May 30th. The Cape Cod wedding reception took place up on the hill of the Chatham Bars Inn, overlooking historic Chatham Harbor. Thanks to each and every one of you for making the day so loving and lively. Kate and Andrew, best wishes on your new life together!

Here's a tease of some of the best images - and a link to a slideshow of the earlier parts of the day:

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.12Kate and Karen jump for joy, as they did when they were girls.

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.30Kate and Andrew's golf victory...I mean wedding victory pump.

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.48The wedding party counts how long Kate and Andrew can maintain a kiss in front of their audience.

View Kate and Andrew's slideshow

Monday, June 1, 2009

Corey and Will's wedding engagement portraits

Corey and Will are in love with each other, and with Duxbury Beach. We took a little walk and had a little fun there on their engagement portrait session a couple of weeks ago. They were even willing to stand in an ivy patch in the parking lot as a warm up. Imagine what they'll do on their wedding day?! Here are some of my favorites:


DwyerMason_Lundeen Photography_0003

Dwyer Mason Lundeen Photography_0006

DwyerMason_Lundeen Photography_0001

Dwyer Mason_Lundeen Photography_0012


DwyerMason_Lundeen Photography_0021

Dwyer Mason wedding Lundeen Photography_0047