Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kate Casale and Andrew MacNally's Chatham Bars Inn Wedding on Old Cape Cod

Kate and Andrew jumped, pumped, and kissed their way into wedding history on May 30th. The Cape Cod wedding reception took place up on the hill of the Chatham Bars Inn, overlooking historic Chatham Harbor. Thanks to each and every one of you for making the day so loving and lively. Kate and Andrew, best wishes on your new life together!

Here's a tease of some of the best images - and a link to a slideshow of the earlier parts of the day:

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.12Kate and Karen jump for joy, as they did when they were girls.

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.30Kate and Andrew's golf victory...I mean wedding victory pump.

Casale_MacNally_Chatham_Bars_Inn_wedding.48The wedding party counts how long Kate and Andrew can maintain a kiss in front of their audience.

View Kate and Andrew's slideshow

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