Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Coaching for Photographers - What Can It Do For You?

As a photographer, have you ever wondered how having a life coach might benefit your work and home life?

Do you find yourself knowing what your want, but stop yourself from getting it?  Are you too afraid to say to yourself, never mind out loud, what you really, really want?   Then maybe life coaching is for you.  Having a life coach is like have a personal trainer for your life.

I got into coaching because my wife is a coach.  In fact, she's on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship.  As her spouse, I've taken advantage of the opportunity to take the fundamental training from both coaching schools.  It's had an enormous positive impact on my home and work life, and I can personally and whole-heartedly recommend having a coach.  Don't worry, my wife is not my coach.  I got my own.  You might benefit from having one, as well.

Here's a coaching question for you - the first of what I hope will become a weekly feature of this blog:
If money was not a concern, how would you most like to spend your time and energy?

Call me at (617) 327-9254 to schedule a free, no obligation 60-minute sample session.

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