Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Makes Boston Party Machine Rock? Answers from Band Leader Rob Caplin

What makes Boston Party Machine rock?  I asked band leader Rob Caplin, and here's what I found out:
Q.   Tell us a little about Boston Party Machine:
Boston Party Machine is a high end entertainment band made up of players from the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra and Berklee School of Music.  My model for the band is the Boston Pops – that is, top notch musicians who can play everything.  Combine this with our passion for fun, and you have a winning combination with awesome entertainment for your event!

Q.    What sets you apart from other bands?
What sets Boston Party Machine apart from other bands is that we truly care about every event that we play.  We never “go through the motions.”  We love music and it shows.

In addition, like a great puzzle, we strive to put all the pieces together in just the right way.  We are all about the total picture - whether it’s really listening to your wishes, getting the little details of a song perfectly, or knowing the ideal song to play at any given moment.

Q.    What three things should people ask when hiring a band?

1.    Music selection:  Does the band have a detailed process for finding out what music the client wants, including special requests?
2.    Performance:  Can you see the band perform anywhere?  It’s important to see how a band entertains…not just how they play.
3.    References:  Do past clients rave about the band? Not only musically; are they also easy to work with?

Q.    How can people reach you?
Email is the best way to contact us:  You can also call my cell at 617.233.9393, or the office at 781.643.2560.  We’re eager to hear from you and learn more about your event!

Rob's portrait was created by his father-in-law, by the way, fine art photographer Michael Philip Manheim.

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