Sunday, January 31, 2010

Josie's Family Jewels - Portrait of Four Boston Generations

Josie Family portrait 2 by Boston photographer Carol Lundeen

Josie Family portrait by Carol Lundeen
With her daughter and daughter's daughter visiting from afar, Josie's wish of a portrait of the three generations together came true.  We tried a variety of locations and angles in what Josie described as her humble home, but her "girl" had grown up here, and this was her home, too, and despite a little clutter from the holidays the home was full of signs of love in every corner and on every wall.  Framed portraits of past generations on the mantle, the bedroom dressers bedecked with b&w snapshots of the not so far past.  It was my pleasure to add to the family collection for generations to come. And by the way, the gems the ladies are wearing represent the 4th generation in this shot, as they are Josie's mom's rings. 

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