Saturday, January 2, 2010

What My New Year's Resolutions Lack?

Got resolutions (even if you've not written them down)? Me too. Waking up today, January Second, I feel completely full of inspiration. Where in the world did that come from?

My resolutions for myself and my photography business felt very complete when I wrote them the other night, right here at my kitchen table, with the cats curled up at my feet. I want to accomplish many things this year. I realize my resolutions are big picture punch lists that sketch out the year ahead. I didn't know that what was lacking in them was INSPIRATION. And inspiration is what I woke up full of today. What a gift! And where did it come from? I must find out because I want a steady diet of it this year.

The source was "Julie and Julia." I watched it at last last night with a cozy blanket, niece, and wife sandwiched together with milk and cookies on the couch. The stories were every day stuff in a way, adults seeking to make a life and a living, yet loving and funny and real. I realize that these aspects resonate with my values, and when I take the time to put my values together with other fresh ingredients into the cooking pot that is every day, the results aren't always delicious but they always inspire me, whether I follow the recipe or not.

An old friend gave me a magnet for my refrigerator that says, "She didn't always follow the recipe." That still rings true after all these years.

Bon apetit!

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