Monday, February 25, 2008

Sitting down with Mitche Graf

All-around smart and funny guy, speaker, author, and photographer Mitche Graf shined at his February seminar in Boston. Carol attended and had the pleasure of chewing that fat with Mitche and other local photogs after the presentation.

Carol says, "This is the third time I've attended one of Mitche's seminars. I'm a fanatic because he's one of the best at tracking the super fast-changing world of photography. He goes on tour and invests time listening to the pulse of local photo communities, and the extensive knowledge he shares keeps me on top, too."

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Tom Davis said...

Hey Carol - Thanks for the photo credit! Wasn't needed and was honored you asked. You are spot on with your remarks about Mitche. He's great! Congrats on your new living room - you're going to love it.