Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cold feet?

Have you ever walked barefoot into a vernal pool in spring? Let me tell you, the water is cold, and the soft, wet leaf litter creates curiosity for the feet with each step. But venturing in is oh so rewarding if spotting globes of salamander eggs can make your day, as it did for me recently at the Great Blue Hills.

While I was there I got to play with my camera and reflections of trees, glorious sunlight, and yours truly bouncing off the surface of the pool.

Shown on the right are more than a dozen globes of eggs stuck to a single underwater branch. Reflections of the sky and trees add to the mystery and magic. In the lower right you can see an oak leaf that gives you an idea of the relative size of everything. I'll be going back to this pool every few days to have the thrill of watching the little salamanders grow and eventually throw themselves into their own water world. Happy trails!

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