Sunday, May 11, 2008

Loving Life with Jesh de Rox

I'm speechless about Jesh de Rox's experiential photography seminar in Marblehead in May. I continue to resonate in a fresh Big A perspective of my life at large and how my imaging life stitches through it in an ever-evolving mosiac. Check out few of the images I created during class:

Thanks so very much to each and every one of you who came to class, ready for openness and sharing a profound love of life just the way it is:

Jesh de Rox
Tamara Lackey
Brittany Blando - thanks for hosting us, Brittany!
Eva Kendrick
Lauren Pauline
Jonathan Chan
Maureen Ford
Mike with Kate Rose Photography
Patti Schmidt
BFFL's Ben and Tara with HItched Studios
Nicole Polk
Carol Lundeen


Brittany Blando said...

AWESOME TIME! Thank you for being apart of this special moment!

Love your shots!

Linda's Blog said...

Carol, these images are beautiful! It sounds like a life changing experience - awesome!!

ps said...

Gorgeous images Carol. It was so nice meeting you in Boston! :)

rachel said...

you're the one who got "the" shot of jesh? I saw that at dinner and was stunned. beautiful work, carol!