Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alicia and Leslie's Wedding at Ballroom Veronique

Alicia Leeds Leslie Meyers wedding, Veronique Ballroom wedding photography by Carol LundeenGargoyles, ghosts, and guests gathered to celebrate the vows of Alicia and Leslie at the Veronique Ballroom on Halloween night, oh yes, and a human birch tree too. You never knew which characters would cross your path next at this marvelous masquerade ball. Check out some of the images:

View Alicia and Leslie's slideshow


bride#one said...

we are absolutely blown away by the images you created, the joy you captured and the beauty you found in everyone...thank you for immortalizing our wedding night with such style, creativity and talent! Carol, you are fantastic! alicia

Monica said...

Carol, your photos beautifully captured the love and joy that everyone felt that evening as we came together to celebrate a special, very unique wedding of two amazing, wonderful, beautiful women! Thank you for creating images that will be treasured forever.

The Kinneys said...

Carol, we were not able to attend the wedding, but we feel as if we were there by seeing the photos!! What a fantastic evening that was, and your work is incredible! Doesn't hurt when you have great subjects too...we are sorry we missed it!Alicia and Leslie, best wishes!! Love, Julie and Michael

sally said...

Thank you Carol for the wonderful experience of "being there" all over again when we viewed your fabulous photos.I could hardly get to sleep the night they were posted I was so excited!You have beautifully preserved moments we will all cherish!