Wednesday, February 4, 2009


creativity workshop for Professional Photographers of Cape CodThis past Monday, the day before it snowed all day and night, I had the pleasure of leading two workshops for the Professional Photographers of Cape Cod. In the early afternoon I led a discussion and demonstration on album design, and in the evening an experiential creativity workshop.

One of the activities that generated the most intrigue in the creativity workshop was to view a painting upside down, then draw it right side up with your non-dominant hand. It's such a hoot to see what happens when you ask all the professional artist brains in the room (and your mom and sister, who also participated) to do something that's completely new visually, something that's downside up?... or is it upside down?... or is it left to right?... or right to left?

One of the things we discovered is that all of us, even when we're feeling like a zero on the creativity scale, can, with a little nudge and a little willingness, find that spark again, or at least find laughter in trying. Thanks again to the talented, creative, Sarah Thornington of Studio by the Sea in Hyannis for hosting the workshop, and thanks to everyone who joined the fun!

P.S. Missing from the downside up group shot is Deb Troyanos, President of the Professional Photographers of Cape Cod.


Sarah said...

What a fabulous, fun time we had, Carol. Thanks for giving our brains a workout, and our hearts a good laugh!!!

amy said...

Hey Sis! How fun to find this while checking out your website! I'm guessing Mum & I are in the's taking my brain on a rightside,inside, all out roller coaster ride, to figure it out! Thanks so much for an incredibly fun evening!