Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rockin' Pet Portraits at Roslindale's Pet Cabaret

Well, the results are in.  The spring portrait event at the Pet Cabaret left us feeling like it was a perfect spring day and we all had beach sand between our toes.  Here are best of the best:
 Handsome Jake awoke early enough for the first portrait session.

 Taz and his followers wanted to get their feet wet right away.

Payton and Penelope proudly hold hands in their favorite jewel-toned parade wear.

For Indie, it was impossible for her to stop smiling, so we chose this more reserved shot.

 Gia relaxed with on a pink beach with a cool pink drink.

Mack had his mind on getting those treats dangled in front of him.

 Otis is a sweetie pie who will sit and stay for a good treat.

Panda thinking about beating Tiger now that Tiger's out of comish for a while.

Giacomo sat for a nanosecond for our first test shot.  He was testy, alright.


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